Probably like the most of you, the team of MyWorldGuide.net is full of trip lovers, people who love to discover new places and adventurer who are searching for new experiences. We thought that it was not the most interesting and the most effective way to travel around the earth and discover all the secrets through a guide as a book.
In fact, we are all thinking the same thing; guides as people are those who have the best capacity to teach us new facts about places. This is how we could ask ourselves two questions :
- where can I find all kinds of guides in the biggest or smallest city in the world ?
- how to save money if I don't really need a professional guide and if an inhabitant of the country with the required knowledge is enough for me ?
Consequently, we noticed that an answer to this question didn't exist at all, and that no existing website tried to resolve these problems.
Fortunately, MyWorldGuide is here to help you.
Through MyWorldGuide.net, you can indicate informations about your destinations and your spoken languages. After some clicks, you will find a list of guides who are waiting for you in the cities you would like to visit.

On the other side, we offer the inhabitants who know very well their hometown, the town their living in or even another place, the possiblity to share their knowledge and their thoughts with interested people.

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