b> is a site on which you can find travelers seeking a guide for free and others willing to help them discover their region.

The idea is to launch a free community site based on the principle of "tit for ta".

The concept of this site can be compared to the famous phenomenon of "CouchSurfing", whereby people freely offer their couch in order to make new friends and assist travelers with housing.
This project was born following a simple observation: a person traveling alone would never hire a professional guide, as it would be too expensive.

Furthermore, with the arrival of the "Web 2.0", we can observe a behavioral change in our society towards the Web. Sites offering new concepts, which were previously unthinkable (CouchSurfing, HouseSwap, items rental between individuals, etc.) encounter great success.

The challenge is to combine these two factors in order to create a community dedicated to tourism in general.

This site will only work of course, if you are willing to play along by offering a free tour of your city.

Proposing a visit does not commit you in any way, as you remain free to refuse the demands of travelers.

Do not hesitate, start your adventure by registering for free by clicking here!

See you soon!
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