Why should I use an amateur guide rather than a professional guide?
The intention of this homepage is not meant to compete with professional guides. We consider the guides registered on MyWorldGuide.net to have a different approach to professional guides, namely more casual, intimate, and will make you discover certain parts of a city that professional guides will not.
Why should I use MyWorldGuide.net to contact a guide?
Additionally to the free aspect, the main advantage is the friendly side of the meeting. In fact, with MyWorldGuide.net, you'll meet no only a guide who shows you a place, but you'll also meet a friendly and helpful person, and you'll maybe keep in touch with him?
What are the advantages of offering a guided tour on MyWorldGuide.net?
If yourself like to travel, you should know how it can be helpful to know somebody in the destination city. Help them, meet new people.
How much does a guide cost?
The use of the homepage is totally free, as well as the guides. It's up to you to reward a guide if you think he was helpful.
Which guide do I choose?
It is up to you to choose your own guide. So, you have the possibility to contact more than one guide and then choose the one you deem most interesting to you.
Am I insured as a guide/traveler?
MyWorldGuide.net is not an agency so you can't be insured through us.

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